ProfileAs VP of engineering at Animetrics, a facial recognition software company, I have the opportunity to work in the fields of applied mathematics and software engineering. I studied Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins, where I received my BS, MSE, and PhD degrees. A concise paper (IPMI 2005) which covers much of the content in my PhD thesis can be found here.

My hobbies include sailing, skiing, skating (ice, inline, aggressive inline), Ham radio (QRP and CW). I also write iPhone jailbreak apps. My daughter loves theater, so most recently I've joined her in some local productions.


I'm reachable on IRC as my ham radio call sign kb1ooo (the letter O, not the number 0); most days I'm in #cw on My email address is "my callsign"@"my callsign".com. I tweet mainly to communicate updates for software projects, but I do answer general mentions. I'm a facebook holdout.