iDitDahText is a keyboard alternative for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to enter characters by tapping their Morse code.   The interface is a dual lever touch paddle (which also can be used as single lever paddle), coupled to an iambic keyer and decoder.  Please watch the video above for details along with a demonstration of text being entered at 50 WPM. iDitDahText also provides a plugin for a game called Typing Sebastian: a simple, fun way to learn how to use Morse code with iDitDahText. Again, See the video and FAQ for more details.

Many thanks go to the folks on and, in particular : august, BigBoss, Cobra, copumpkin, DHowett, erica, francis, go2, linuxh, Optimo, phoenix3200, Sakurina, and saurik.


Text entry at 50 WPM using Morse code!