In my free time I do independent software development, most of which has been jailbreak app development for the iPhone. Some of the apps I have released over the years include:

iDitDahText iDitDahText: Jay Leno aired a segment in which he put the fastest text messenger in the country up against two ham radio operators using Morse code to see which mode is faster at communicating a message. The ham radio contestants--only operating at around 25wpm--easily beat the text messenger. (This was before full QWERTY keyboards were common on cellphones; regardless, many ham radio operators can communicate to 50wpm while the fastest hams operate in the 70wpm range.) I was inspired to write a keyboard alternative for the iPhone called iDitDahText that allows users to enter characters by tapping in Morse code. In addition to maintaining speeds equal to or beyond QWERTY levels, one of iDitDahText's biggest advantages is that--unlike with touch screen keyboards--users can type without looking at the screen. In ham radio parlance, the interface is a dual lever touch paddle (which also can be used as single lever paddle), coupled to an iambic keyer and decoder. The following youtube video demonstrates the app, showing text entry at 50wpm.

Snappy Snappy: When using the stock camera app I often found it hard to prepare the camera in time to snap a picture, especially with young children and pets. The native camera was slow, cumbersome, and required users to exit all other running applications. While hacking the camera framework for a different application, I realized that I could write an app which would allow quick launching of the camera from the lock screen, and directly from a running application without needing to quit. Snappy received both critical and popular acclaim, but over the years it has become difficult to maintain because of the rapidly changing internals of the iOS camera API. Additionally, the app was somewhat supplanted by the native camera app of the newer iOS versions which allow users to launch the camera from the lock screen. Snappy is currently not supported.

FPL Fast Photo Libraryis a companion app to Snappy in the same way that the native Photo Library app is a companion to the Camera app. FPL allows users to browse their photo libraries quickly, either from the lock screen or from a running application (also without having to quit the app). Again, as with all jail break applications, FPL has been difficult to keep going with new iOS versions. It is currently not supported.